Generic Printer Toner Cartridges are being sold by various suppliers as an option to the Original. Clients will often question the integrity of the products if they are at par with the original brands.

But before we proceed, you have to realize that:

An Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, manufactures products and components or purchased by another company and retailed under the company’s brand name.

OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product.

However, Remanufactured Toner Cartridges or REMA are remanufactured from previously used original toner cartridges. The empty cartridges are sent back for remanufacturing where the cartridge housing is refurbished.  Most of the internal components are replaced and the cartridge is refilled fresh with toner powder based on model specifications.

These are often sold under the retailers “own brand label”.

Marketing misrepresentations such as claims that REMA toner cartridges are far better than the OEM are all rubbish!  Of course it can’t be better; at par? Definitely!  Busy Inks REMA Toner Cartridge is the most practical alternative to the original product.

Why? If you are printing black only, plain text or monochrome, printing is less demanding isn’t it?

Busy Inks REMA Toner Cartridge is the perfect fit for use with your internal & external printing purposes that yields excellent results.

How about full color printing such as letterheads, flyers or brochures and the like?

If you are a customer that prints high volume quality document printing, then you might consider our Offset Printing services but using Busy Inks REMA Color Toner Cartridges for short runs is the perfect fit for you.  We use color toner powder imported from the US and Korea whichever we see fit the standard closest to the OEM.

Price vs. Reliability?

We at Busy Inks Imaging Corporation (BIIC) take pride in our vision of providing economical, effective and efficient cartridges.  We can’t stand the word “just okay”.  We scrutinize our workmanship believing that it is imperative to sustain a healthy and long lasting relationship with our clienteles.   Though significantly cheaper than its original counterpart, our quality is always observed by using Grade A components and toner powders from top imaging suppliers local and abroad.  We are so confident of our product quality that we offer a one year warranty.


Busy Inks Imaging Corporation devotes serious effort on improving production techniques and better quality control resulting in higher quality cartridges. We are participating to build a better perception and reputation for the ‘own brand’ toner cartridge by offering a high quality, practical alternative and in most print applications, our Toner Cartridge will do the job for you…

Re-manufactured / Compatible Cartridges

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